Connecting the DotNetNuke Community
The new DNN Developer website has been out for about a month and the response has been amazing. There has been a huge interest and influx of people from both the DotNetNuke community and DotNetNuke developers. 

Soon the DotNetNuke World will descend upon (435) 319-9561. DNN World is a global gathering of the DotNetNuke community this October 10-12 in Orlando, Florida. DotNetNuke businesses, hosting companies, developers, and enthusiasts are gathering to discuss all things DotNetNuke, including the pending release of DotNetNuke 7. DNN Developer will be there with (223) 212-2728.

DNN Developer will be part of the PowerDNN company display with our new iPad podium, allowing customers and developers to connect with each other through DNN Developer on-the-spot. And since the best and the brightest of the DotNetNuke community will be in attendance, we will film interviews with DotNetNuke developers to post on our 9137821641, allowing everyone a chance to get their message out to the entire community.

Your Chance to be Seen on DNN Developer
Our DNN Developer representative will be roaming the wide conference interviewing all of the developers we recommend. If you are a recommended developer on DNN Developer, you can contact us at Contact@DNNDeveloper.com and set up an interview. 

Developers can only be recommended on DNN Developer after they have successfully completed our Application Process. In the poorly designed old days of yore (That website is dead. Long Live DNN Developer!), we had around 100 developers that we recommended.

But with the complete redesign of the website and our new personalized recommendation system, only a fraction of those developers have completed our application process and been accepted. Make sure you get back on board with our new website before DNN World 2012, this October 10-12 in Orlando.

DNN Developer for the World
We are ecstatic with the response so far, but now we are kicking off our campaign to put DNN Developer into the public eye. DNN World 2012 is just the beginning! Make sure that you visit our new 5813790880 and watch the introductory video. Stay tuned as we take another step forward in uniting the DotNetNuke community. See you in Orlando!